Basketball Jersey Collection

One of the finest single owner collections of basketball memorabilia was offered in the June 24, 2007 sale.  Included were jersey’s that spanned from the games formative years, when players like Petit, Cousy and Arizin played in small, dank, aging auditoriums, to the era of luxury boxes and finely appointed arenas where Erving, Bird and Jordan captivated packed houses.  Highlighting this prominent collection is Wilt Chamberlain’s 1957-58 Kansas Jayhawks jersey, originating from the Chamberlain estate.  Chamberlain played three seasons in Kansas, where he was subject to discrimination off the court and triple-teaming on it.  Although he was called self centered, one can never forget that in 1966-67 Chamberlain changed his game from scoring to rebounding, defense and assists, resulting in the 76ers first NBA Championship.

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