Mike Cramer Card Collection

In 1960, Mike Cramer bought a Babe Ruth trading card for a nickel, and he hasn’t stopped collecting since.  His enduring passion for collecting cards led him to become a cramer cramermajor player in the sports card manufacturing business.  Beginning in the mid 1970’s when Mike was promoting shows in the Phoenix area, he created and distributed numerous minor league sets.  By the early 1990’2, his company, Pacific Trading cards, was producing sets for all major sports, being broadly distributed through some of the largest retailed chains in the country.  The success of PTC enabled Mike to further explore his interest in collecting vintage cards.  The scope of that interest, as seen in the portion of his collection offered throughout this sale, runs the gamut from prominent tobacco and candy cards issues: T3, T201, T 205, T206, T207, E90-1; to post war staples: Topps, Bowman, 1948-49 Leaf, sets, to scarce regionals and PCL issues (incl. T212 and over 2400 Zeenuts).  Of particular interest to Cramer were hard to find errors and variations, evidenced by examples of the well known T206 Magie error, the T205 Hoblitzell “no stats”, as well as color, print, and back rarities that enhance many of his sets.  The vast majority of his collection was assembled before the evolution of third party grading, thus many of the cards from his collection that appear in “holders” have only been graded recently.   We are proud that Mike Cramer, a collecting veteran and prominent figure in the sports card hobby, has chosen SCP/Sotheby’s to offer these selected pieces from his fine collection.